Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Good Hair Practice: When Buying a New Hair Product

Do’s and Don’ts


This post is a first in a series of "Good Hair Practice" posts. It serves as a guide for newbie naturals and a reminder for those who've had their curls for a while.


  • DO read the list of ingredients before buying any new product. It’s generally best to stay away from mineral oil and sulphates, and gravitate towards natural ingredients like shea butter and olive oil. I'll elaborate on this point in a separate post.

  • DO carry out some research before buying a product. Google it, check blogs and YouTube reviews, ask friends.


  • DON’T get distracted by fancy packaging. A black and gold container with ribbons on the side and confetti flying out the bottle doesn’t necessarily mean that its contents are good for your hair.

  • On a similar note, DON’T be deterred by underwhelming packaging. One of the best leave-in conditioners I’ve ever used – 911 emergency – has an absurd name, cheap packaging and 2 typos in its product description.

911 Emergency Leave-In Conditioner for Extra Dry Hair

  • DON’T buy any product that has more than one major purpose. A “2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner” can’t be anything but a deathtrap.

  • DON’T buy any product you don’t actually need. This is a surefire way to becoming a product junkie.

  • DON’T buy any product just because you’ve “heard it’s good”. Find out exactly what good it does for the hair (does it add moisture? Is it a good sealant? Does it make the hair soft?)

Do you have any more tips for buying new products? Please share! :)

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